The education of each young child extends beyond mere preparation for grade school; it encompasses readiness for life itself. Spanning the Greater Vancouver area, our academy draws inspiration from a fusion of Montessori and Reggio Emilia teaching models, harmonizing them with contemporary group learning approaches to craft optimal learning and growth settings for children. Our objective is to replicate the most organic and life-nurturing environments for the child, allowing them to flourish freely within the surroundings, fostering positive associations with learning and creative problem-solving. We aspire for them to cultivate independent thinking early on, fostering a robust, positive relationship with education and self-improvement in the future.

In collaboration with a local furniture company committed to sustainability, we provide a naturally warm environment featuring beautiful, multipurpose, and flexible learning furniture. The materials and manufacturing methods employed are environmentally responsible, free from harmful toxins, ensuring a safe and healthy space for your child. The furniture’s unique designs facilitate easy rearrangement for different activities, encouraging open-ended play and inquiry—critical for the development of young minds. Rather than offering a rigid environment, our dynamic spaces and furniture empower young learners to explore their imaginations, further enhancing their social and emotional intelligence.

The use of natural wood, coupled with the beauty and simplicity of the furniture, creates a calming effect, establishing a connection between children and the outdoors.

We are a school where teachers and children learn from each other in synergy. In this type of relationship, teachers use their creativity to find effective and interesting ways to teach children; while children use creativity to solve problems while staying motivated. We aim to provide a place where children can be themselves.

Children are competent, resourceful and independent individuals. Their unique needs and interests should be respected.