Learning is our top priority at Royal Education Academy. We are a licensed, multi-disciplinary academy for children aged 0-6 years old. We are proud to offer an enriching program that balances fun and learning to prepare your child for their future education.

Our unique philosophy focuses on the idea of respecting children and their learning capabilities. Our program’s activities encourage children to be curious and to explore their interests.

Our goal is to give every child and their family the highest quality education and service. We provided a high quality, multicultural, inclusive, early learning program in a nurturing environment.

Our programs guide children’s learning and help them meet their individual development needs. We offer extra-curricular activities to provide children with the tools they need to do well from a young age. Our academic environment will prepare them for entry into either public or private school upon graduation.

Our green classroom is a great way for kids to get excited about recycling and learning to respect our environment. We do this by teaching children about sorting materials and by creating colourful artwork using plastic bottle caps. We add plants to the classroom, use plastic milk cartons to create caddies, go paperless and encourage students to use paper from the bin. We practice graphing and data analysis skills by creating a “green data wall.” This program teaches children that they have the power to make a difference in the world, one small step at a time.

Our cultural awareness program helps children understand and respect their similarities and differences. Through exploration of food, dance, clothing, music and stories, your child will understand who they are in the context of the race, culture, religion, language and familial history. Our language lessons (French, Spanish and Mandarin) include interactive exercises that relate to cultures around the globe. This interactive language class will spark your child’s curiosity about who they are and about others around the world.

In our rich literacy environment, we focus on the importance of speaking, reading, and writing for all our students. We select materials for the classroom based on language and literacy opportunities and fosters engagement and vocabulary development. We believe that building phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension are essential to literacy development.

The rapid growth of technology has opened doors to an array of learning resources that can help children in academic development. Children must become adept at using technology for simple tasks, like navigating a keyboard or controlling a mouse. Our technology-integrated classroom has computers and other electronic devices available for student use. This program will motivate students when it comes to learning letters and numbers and developing letter sound recognition. Children can also access books for all reading levels and learn and share their understanding with each other in fun and unique ways.

Our classroom supports children’s creativity. In Creative Arts, we offer activities such as easel, watercolor and finger painting, exploring different art mediums, clay work, stringing beads, weaving and collage making, etc. Our classroom will provide all the materials and we will let the children lead in creation and observe what happens when they are exposed to art. Through art, children have the opportunity to use social and emotional skills by expressing their feelings. Children also get to practice their language and literacy skills by discuss their art with their teacher and with each other. Art can help children compare, predict, plan, and problem solve, which promotes their cognitive ability. Children can also increase their cognitive ability by using small motor skills to paint, write, glue, mold clay and make collages.

Life Skills are a set of skills that experts say all kids need to succeed later in life. Our Essential Basic Life Skills program focuses on teaching children to think critically. To observe, analyze and come up with smart solutions. We want our children to learn to ask questions like “why?” and “what if?” and to think through all sides of an issue. We want our children to turn questions into projects, to learn how to play well with others and understanding the value of teamwork. We provide the opportunity for children to communicate clearly and to listen or give directions. Our out-of-the-box thinking concept will teach children to come up with their own solutions and put their plans into action.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore Children can practice locomotion skills, body management and object control while moving from one place to another carrying tools, soil and water. Children will learn how to use trowels and rake, to pick up seeds plant them. Children are more likely to try new food if they have been involved in growing it. Literacy skills can also be part of gardening because children will learn the names of different plants, making maps of the garden and label plants with popsicle sticks. Children also improve their cognitive development by remembering and analyzing information and predicting outcomes. In this program, children are learning to love growing things and they will enjoy every stage of the process.

In this program, children will learn basic food safety, table setting and etiquette, proper food handling, cooking and baking. They will learn how to make healthy, delicious, and seasonal meals from scratch while also learning about safely in the kitchen and how to wash and prepare their ingredients. They will learn how to safety handle kitchen equipment and clean up after themselves, and how to set the dinner table and behave at their place setting. Children will learn where food comes from, how it benefits the body, and how to prepare it.

Music education can be an amazing tool for brain development, especially in picking up on language, speech, attention, memory, and the ability to vocally express emotions. In our classroom, we sing interactive songs with the help of an animal friends, choose instrument to play and use dance to feel the rhythm of the music. We use a variety of percussion instruments and learn about music notes and rhythms while singing melodies. Together, we will explore music and lead children on an exploratory journey through sound.

In this program, children are introduced to the world of song, dance and acting. They will get a feel for performing by learning songs and basic choreography, and begin to explore the drama through imaginative and creative play. In this class, your child will work on his or her vocal technique and train in several dance styles such as hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap, line dancing and contemporary.

STEAM is an exploration in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Your little ones will love our Kinder Robotics and our Tech Coding Toys. They will learn how to program a mini-robot with a marker. When science comes together with math, engineering and technology, magic happens. This program gives children the chance to explore aspects of science and engineering outside their normal curriculum-based classroom activities, because children learn best through activities that draw on their curiosity and creativity. Each session provides children with Kid K’nexer and LEGO bricks, where they will use their theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. Children can work with LEGO parts and game assembly kits exclusively designed to build models and robots.

Children need to learn basic motor skills to enhance their sports competence by running, jumping and throwing. These skills are used in almost all sports and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. In our Mini Athletics program, children learn about a new sport each week, whether it is soccer, tennis, basketball, floor hockey, kickball, t-ball or flag football. Class time consists of stretching and warm up exercises followed by learning sports skills and engaging in game-based activities. This program has the added element of teaching children the basis of athletic skills that can be used in all sports. It also places an emphasis on teamwork, competition and social interaction and helps children develop their physical, cognitive and social skills. It’s the perfect introductory program because we teach children movement and confidence with fun instructions.

Children need exercise, and this yoga class will inspire your little ones to move and learn. Children will begins the class with a “Be Well” discussion about topics such as gratitude, good citizenship, peacemaking and breathing, followed by a mindful moment to bring students back to the present moment and prepare them for learning.

Children will learn 5-pose flow sequences, practice breathing exercises and read yoga books. Yoga can help children develop self-regulation skills and hone their ability to monitor and adapt their behaviour, attention, and emotions in response to internal cues, the environment and feedback from others. Yoga can also improve academic performance by enhancing self-regulation, which may lead to enhanced attention and learning.

By teaching children the signs for words and letters of the alphabet can help them with letter recognition and vocabulary. Three and four- year-olds usually find signing easy and entertaining. Studies have found that children who were introduced to American Sign Language, such as signs for the weather, colors, numbers, and feelings, did better on vocabulary tests than their peers who weren’t taught to sign. Having sign language skills also gives children other option for communication.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore Ready to read Kickstart program is designed to help promote reading readiness. This kickstart program focuses on teaching the tools that are necessary to improve all aspects of early literacy including reading, writing and spelling. We start off by incorporating the sight words recognition program: a method that teaches 100 sight words as a starting point. These programs are designed to ignite your child’s passion for learning how to read. Kickstart is taught by loving teachers dedicated to helping students learn and practice sight words by using imaginative stories, interactive games and engaging songs.

There is no set age at which you can start teaching your child about parts of the body. Learning the various body parts provides a good foundation for them to build on in their education to come, but it also helps them get comfortable with their own bodies, being confident, and in communicating various aspects associated with them. Children are constantly looking for new information and they soak it up like a sponge. Our program helps children make connections between their body parts and their associated actions.